100 days of journalling

Completed my 100th journal today. I narrowly missed out on a place on the S1 program but I have hung on in there waiting to be part of S2. 100 days of waiting and still optimistic. Can’t wait to start my next step of the journey.


Great to see that your hanging in it’s going to be so worth it💪


That’s absolutely amazing @dcm.leeds and one thing we are certain is that we are working on accelerating our pioneer program so there wouldn’t be so much wait … now the plant we are about to go on a journey with together is passiflora which is another amazing medicinal plant with a huge legacy n human health. With the help of our beloved ethnobotanist @MJB we are working on a short story about this plant which I am hoping will be live later today! Keep an eye out for it … also as your app begins to update and prepare for S2 you will notice a dawn beginning to break at the bottom of the screen … we can’t wait!! :pray:


Sounds exciting. I know the wait will be worth it


Wow you have done so well