Pebbles power to heal

For many years I have been using the energy of nature through pebbles to help people for years. Passing energy from oneself into a pebble which I have picked from a free flowing fresh water river and passed positive energy unto it and the sent it to ever needs free of charge.
This is not new it has been done in many cultures for millennia, many churches use pray clothes, squares of cloth which is passed through the congregation and each persons passes from them positive healing and then the cloth is given to a perso. Who is suffering illness.
This planet has so much to offer, but we are influenced from an early age to stop believing, we are told fairies are not real(I am not saying they do) but we lose our childhood wonder in things. I was lucky I had influence from someone who believed in fairies but also in nettle tea, dandlion wine as a cure for many things and also showed me the power of positivity. I lost it for a good while being in the military as they dont want ‘mystic’ and during basic training while teaching a few people the power of positivity, scared a few others they reported me for doing ‘black magic’ I was called evil by the drill srgt and warned my career would end if caught doing it again.
20 years ago a friend had huge anxiety issues and she agreed to me helping her heal due to positive power after a few sessions she reported that it had helped her feel so much better, word spread I did other sessions for people, helped a couple of teenagers with exam anxiety, a child who started wetting the bed after years of being dry.
Then I became ill, so I stopped, my illness has become worse over the years. Having spoke to a few people who had been doing what I had that what I am experiencing is negativity its one of the draw back of healing. My body has been taking in the negativity from those I have helped, even though I always grounded myself after sessions there is always some left behind. The neurologist says is FND and Fibromyalgia … I put it down to life. I believe that we have been placed on this planet, but the being that did that would have not placed us here is we cannot heal ourselves using the positive energy within the earth and plants and living organisms that grown on every surface. The Amazonian indians know this, isolated islands residents know this, the Native Americans know this, Aboriginals know this and we did know thiss until the Catholic church accused those who knew of witchcraft, I read an article on Witches and why they were portrayed as frying on brooms, there is a tree, i forget which one, but when the bark is stripped back the sap is a cure for Thrush, period pain and cystitis so the witch would instruct a female to place a branch between their legs and let the body obsorb the sap. I mean we get Asprin from the bark of a tree. If you are interested in the earth energy, healing and how tree hugging has scientifically been proven to make you feel good then there is a book called ‘The Field’ by Lynne McTaggert, a New York Times journalist and serious person, you will be stunned how many top scientists lost their jobs telling the truth on their belief on the healing power of the earth. If you want to discuss, comment or even disagree with me as I am open. Take care.