S1 Pioneer Program | Updates

@pira so happy u got urs wen did u het urs of u dntinde asking and didnu habe any bother qith it i stared on number w neutral and woody the smell is horrible :sweat_smile: but it actually doesn’t taste anything like the smell :sweat_smile: thank god


I keep it on in the background and i was doing the same with the app so im hoping that was the issues as i seen yhe message were u said make sure the app is closed before pairing so :confused: i will make sure i close the app before pairing the stick i will actually try it again now i will shut the app down and try pairing and see if thats any better then i will come back on an let u no if that qas my issue thanks @Kaveh u always here to help no wonder u dont sleep lol


I think I’ve worked out the app not picking up the sprays. I’ll have to test my theory again later but

If you do a hard push all the way down and hold for a second the flower on the app flashes/flickers. Release the spray button and it registered the spray. It just worked for all 3 sprays for me.


Thats sounds great im going to give yhat a go myself and i will definitely let u no if that works for me as for me i have found out if i stand at door door it connects straight away and registered the spray :smile:


It’s an absolute pleasure … I know when we were thinking of be development path of sofi there were loads super nervous of sharing a working first draft with a user base … but we strongly believed that our pioneers would be patient and forgiving and importantly would help us build a much better platform together … so grateful that you have proven us right! xx :pray:


S2 - announcing our next Pioneer Program

When we initially set out to run our first real world trial with sofi, we had in mind to do it with 100 Pioneers. With the overwhelming positive response we received, we knew we had to increase the scale and scope of the Pioneer Program. So we responded accordingly - and here we are!

sofi  s1 pioneer program

We are beyond grateful to everyone who has been helping shape sofi with us.

We are thrilled to announce that all S1 Pioneer Boxes have now been placed. So here is where we are going from here - both with existing Pioneers, and those new to our community:

Our ambition is to continue to grow by welcoming the next wave of Pioneers into the S2 Pioneer Program.

Current Pioneers with a sofi stick will be automatically enrolled into the S2 Program, and will receive three new plant pods. As we anticipate the current Pioneer Program to complete by mid-April, we are also looking into resupplying additional valerian pods to active Pioneers.

Those yet to receive a sofi stick are automatically enrolled to the S2, continuing where they left off in the baseline and address verification process.

Passiflora Neon

We can now confirm that Passiflora (passionflower) is our next plant, which has a long history of both traditional and clinical application as a remedy for both sleeplessness and anxiety (click here to read more).

We have started production of the S2 boxes, which we are currently on track for delivery in mid-May. We have received the full harvest of passiflora, and can shortly begin to craft our second sofi formulation. More on this in the coming weeks.

We are privileged to have a truly engaged community, and it has been our source of strength. Thanks for being a Pioneer with sofi, and joining us on this journey.



Wow! That’s awesome news, I was thinking the other days that you may be looking into passion flower aswell, can’t wait to be able to see the effects it has on mine and the other pioneers bodies and mind! Thankyou to the team at SoFi letting us all be part of this amazing journey :heart_eyes:


Absolutely excited to be included into the next stage can’t wait


Reading the article about passion flower sounds awesome, very in-depth you guy’s are nailing this I’m buzzing :grin:


Can’t wait to see how this differs from valerian exciting🥳


My one plant i call IFFY!!! she(uhm… perhaps a he) you look at me wrong and i drop all my tiny leaves :grin: but i like what u say … Dramatic -.iffy now


That’s very helpful advice! Thank you! I’ll try to wait a bit longer between sprays tomorrow. My app only captures 2 of every 3 sprays I take.


In the meantime … a glance at our harvest before we start creating the S2 formulation …. Smells gorgeous this one! xx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve never seen or smelled passionflower. How would you describe it?


I will sniff it properly tonight … but sweet tea. Totally different than valerian!! :slight_smile: … how would you describe the smell of passiflora @pamelaspence ?


Good question! Just had an impromptu tasting to remind myself since i usually taste it in combination with other herbs. I only have tincture in the dispensary so it will be a bit different to the tea but here are my notes! And our sofi extract will be somewhere between the two…



Sounds interesting, looking forward to trying it! :heart_eyes:


Sounds delicious … gourmet herbal spray :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oooo exciting! So this is going to be S2 … please put me down! :innocent:


Can’t wait to finish my baseline and receive my pod! I’ve been struggling with stress, anxiety and depression for many years and usually use flower remedies. I’m excited to try something new and see if it works for me!