Statins keeping me awake

I have stopped takin my statins as I read that they cause insomnia I am sleeping better now


This is by no means a medical recommendation, but there are quite a few studies I’ve come across that cite milled flaxseed as a natural alternative to statins due to their LDL cholesterol lowering effects.

I don’t have experience with making the swap myself, but It occurred to me that flaxseeds might have a doubly positive impact on sleep. Not only do they avoid the insomnia brought on as a side-effects of certain drugs, but from what I’ve read they also contain relatively high levels of magnesium - an element, as @pamelaspence mentioned, with a really vital role in relaxation and rest.

Just like how any plant with positive medicinal properties can also have harmful properties, I know eating too raw flaxseed can be toxic (although I think it does have to be quite a lot).

Has any one else ever heard of this or had a good experience using flax?

My favourite way to eat milled flax is in baked goods where a 2-1 ration of water to milled flax seed can replace a whole egg in many recipes (bonus for eliminating that source of cholesterol too) :slight_smile:


@tinasmith3535 its great to see you here and welcome to the treehouse. I also wonder if @stephendahmermd may have some observations that could be helpful.