Way to record sleep without wifi

Is there a way to record your sleep if you don’t have wifi/signal? I’m working at festivals for the next few weeks and am rarely able to connect to the internet or get signal which means I can’t journal.


That is a very good point @rstephenson67 … let us have a think about that … the later versions of the sofi stick which are coming out (S2 and beyond) are going to have a small bit of memory and also record the time of the press so you can build up a log of use and then when you sync it it will map the presses back in time … probably not for weeks but certainly for a few days (the first version of the sofi stick simply time stamps the presses to when it sees the sofi app which is why we ask our S1 Pioneers to keep their system open and connected during spraying). But of course the app is the bridge to the servers and if the app can’t see the servers that is an interesting edge case … let us have a think about this … I suspect we won’t be able to solve it in time for this concert @rstephenson67 but definately worth something to think about do super grateful for the opportunity to see if we can solve this x. In the meantime have an awesome concert and don’t worry. We will see you when you’re back! xx :pray:

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Thank you! It’s mainly just a few days at a time not weeks luckily but it sucks not being able to use the app because then I end up forgetting to record the other days!