Not spraying correctly anymore

Used my spray for 2 days an nighta find… went to work (12 hour night shifts) and went to have my 1st spray for the night. I worked once then simply wouldnt spray…i shock it for a bit an tried again, it would only give very small jets of liquid instead of a misty spray as normal…
These little jets of liquid didnt seem much and i wanted my dose so has what i thought would be about the same amount.
After a couple hours my anxiety kicked in an have not had it for a while.
Finished work early an came home…still feel really bad , i think it would be wise to carry a spare incase it ever happens again.
Im kow wantimg to go to sleep but not sure how much i have taken. So only had 1 spray from a new one… not sure if had to much or not enough… not sure ill be able to sleep, as my anxiety normally lasts over 12 hours


I find that if I spray too quickly that happens. I need to spray each spray individually about one second at a time rather than faster. I think that might be the reason it does that for me. In the beginning, I could do three sprays in a row no problem but now I have to slow down to have it work correctly.


I wiped the spray head with tissue. This has fixed the problem and it works again.
Must of got a little blocked and wouldn’t work.


Hey @Titan - thank you for your message.

Technical issues can be quite a pain, so I am glad your issue was resolved easily!

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