Sofi surprise stolen by my son!

Two seconds I had it out of the bag. Barely got to take a photo because I said “Oh it’s so smooth!” and my son went off on a tangent about how he desperately needed to touch it :joy: it is really smooth though :smirk: I can’t argue his logic, he’s autistic, smooth things make him happy so now he can have it :joy:


Hah! Fair enough :joy: I hope he enjoys it and doesn’t loose it!

I put mine in a special place the day I got it and never found it again…. Doh!

It’s in my house somewhere but can’t for the life of me remember where I put it.


@AsunaChidory our pebbles get lost in the mail from time to time, but you gave a whole new spin to a pebble being lost! :wink: :joy:

It is great to know you had time to take a picture :muscle: