Cbd or thc what to trust

Please delete as im touching on a subject that i wouldn’t want to say sofi was promoting, i was a smoker for a long time up untill my first born came and i then hit it all on the head and now days the stuff going around is nothing like it used to be, way to strong but im interested on hearing people’s views on cbd if any even uses it? My mum has MS and it helps her but i find its a tuff thing to trust as there is so much of it on the market, at least with the real McCoy you could see what you was actually getting
Hope im not upsetting anyone with this and if i am please delete.


I’ve heard really good things about cbd oil but haven’t tried it yet…As for thc I think smoking weed is very relaxing for some people and I feel it’s the same as having a glass of wine in some ways …this all depends on the individual and their mental health etc.
For me weed makes me over think even more than I already do so it doesn’t relax me .I wish it did work for me .
What ever gets you by I say… no judgement x


Before my first born came into the world that was exactly my go to in a evening to relax and your right for some its a glass of wine or a whisky and each to there own, i just couldn’t continue while i was responsible for somthing so special to me so that was it stopped that day.
Cbd is something id look into but as i say the market is full of the stuff and im not sure who or what to trust


Dear @alexdeans288 I trust we will never delete a single comment you or any Pioneer types. I really hope we don’t as this is a place for us to openly talk about anything. And this is a fair question and query. And something we have thought about a long time. In fact @casarett who is our Chief Medical and Science Officer is a Professor at Duke University, a clinician and head of Palliative Care, and gave a seminal Ted Talk on the subject of cannabis as medicine of last resort. (If you are interested, putting link to his Ted Talk here. Let me share with you a few observations from when we were looking at this very closely for sofi. There are over 130 cannabinoids in cannabis; of which CBD is one of them. If you look at the incredible medical research that has happened in Israel and the consumer choices that are made in legal markets like Canada; very few if any of the incredible outcomes of the cannabis plant were derived from purely isolating one of 130 elements in the plant. So I am afraid that the CBD market - which is that - a market place that takes advantage of folks with chronic conditions has massively grown in the UK - and of the 6 million baskets, less than 1 million ever repurchased the product. That would suggest that not only is there limited scientific evidence of a single synthetically isolated compound (CBD) but consumers seem to find limited efficacy. In fact given the choice in Canada to use a product that actually has an effect or an outcome very few consumers (if any) have chosen for pure CBD isolates. Could it still be beneficial - maybe. But the majority of the power of the plants remains fundamentally missing when a 1/130th of the compounds within the plant is synthesised and sold. We fear that CBD will very much some day become like “sugar” and added to pretty much every product. It is also why we created sofi - and why we are focusing on plants that actually have an effect on the human condition. Sorry perhaps more than you wanted. But let me wrap up with this - I remember once I asked Prof Casarett (he has been my moral guide throughout this project) - what is the strongest statement we can make about CBD - he said, (this was at the time - maybe 18 months ago) - “As far as I know the best thing I can say about CBD is that it does no known harms … actually that’s not true! It does do financial harm! It takes your money and promises you the world.” … I think there is no doubt much we still need to learn, but from a sofi perspective, we approach CBD on its own with great skepticism. KM


Really enjoyed reading your reply thank you for taking the time to give me a real insight of what cbd really is.
I have been thinking about having a smoke but it’s a selfish thing to do with 2 young children to look after and after 7 years of stopping it all and cigarettes its best to move forward not backwards. I will start reading lome you sent.
Hope everyone has a good week


I wouldn’t say we fully understand it yet @alexdeans288 but I do see a lot of sharks taking advantage of folks on deeply unsubstantiated basis. And we really feel that’s bad. It’s bad in principal and I think it creates a mindset in folks that all plants are ineffective. And that’s a real shame and damage from it, considering that plants and the natural world are the basis of much of our modern medicine today and actively practiced as a continued part of human health in significant cultures around the world.


I have tried cbd oil thought it would help me sleep … unfortunately all it did was make me drowsy not enough to help me sleep…iv tried 3 different ones but no joy with sleep.:triumph::sob:


I did a fair bit of research in to this a few years ago. It’s been a bit of a deep interest for me. I’m no where near being knowledgeable but I’ve picked up a few things.

Most CBD on the market is isolate. They take the hemp and use chemicals and heat to extract just the CBD.
This lowers the effectiveness of it and it’s just a waste of money like @Kaveh said.

There is a growing demand for what is called full spectrum. These tend to be more expensive because the process is different, more time consuming and more expensive.
Full spectrum CBD will include all the canniboids, minus the THC (it has to be under, I think, 0.02% for the UK) plus all the terpines. These have been shown to help with the transportation and activation of the canniboids.

I’ve tried isolate and didn’t find it did much.
I’ve tried full spectrum and you definitely feel a difference.
For me it helps take the edge off but if my anxiety is too bad it doesn’t help at all.

Maybe if I tried a higher strength it would but the higher the strength the more expensive and I’m not willing to take the risk that it doesn’t make a difference.

I also use a vape for it because it’s meant to be the most effective and quickest delivery method.

Hope this helps anyone who is thinking about trying it.

Edited to add: having all the canniboids together makes them more effective. It’s called the entourage effect if you want to look into it yourselves.


Hiya,it decriminalised where im from in Oregon usa, shops everywhere.I cabt stand the smell of weed or how it makes me feel but most mates use CBD oils,creams,joints ,edibles to help calm or ease pain.Yet now moth ny exes are habitually using it and not acknowledging the underlying issues of pain or sleep issues.Years of it snd ive watched mated succumb to becoming stoners just being non productive.We have more pot shops than coffee shops now in Oregon.
I DEFINITELY ENDORSE marijuana for medical purposes but there should be a max of how much ppl can buy.CBD has never worked on my back pain and the CBD edibles only made me chill not sleepy,there was always that heady side that kept me awake or thinking.Good luck!:shamrock:


So proud of you quitting smokes!you and @sabrinahun is cutting down…i myself am a pack a day gal and its awful😥I just am not ready yet.quit booze 3 years ago though and that changed my life xx


Stopping smoking is one of the hardest things to do. I moved over to electronic cigarettes/vapes.

I know it’s not ideal and I still don’t class it as having quit but I’m slowly dropping my nicotine down so I can hopefully stop completely.
I feel a lot better on vapes than I did smoking but it’s still something I want gone.

Making my own liquids helps. I know exactly what’s going into it and I can adjust the nicotine to a lower level than I could buy in the shops


I quit smoking about three years ago now. But only as I had a really bad chest infection. I could hardly breath so smoking was a no no. I had it for a week didn’t want one as I felt so bad. After that week I taught not smoked for a week so not going to start now. I think it took two years for me to really not want to smoke anymore. I used to think if I won the lottery what would I do , my answer start smoking :person_facepalming::person_facepalming: but now I don’t think of it anymore unless it comes up like now.

It takes a long time for your brain not to want it anymore.


Thank you for all the info
Was thinking on the route of the oil, as a younger me had very CHILL times with smoke!
But thought the oil may help to chill again … tried it and i dont think i have ever felt so stressed :tired_face:… so that put a halt to that


I smoked about 20 roll ups a day since I was 15 years old, up until January of this year , now aged 43, when I found vaping.
I wanted to quit smoking but not enough to actually ever have done anything proactive about it.
My first vape, a disposable £5 type was like the first cigarettes I tried. The head rush was a bit strong, I think I thought the vape wouldn’t do anything so had taken too much of it!
However once I got the hang of how much of the vape to use I had no desire for a cigarette or roll up. I have not smoked since this day at the beginning of January 2022 and have since got very knowledgeable about vaping, bought a modifiable vape kit and control my nicotine intake making my own strength liquids. I am now content on quite a low level of nicotine but don’t want to stop vaping!
I feel so much better without smoking, don’t even like the smell of cigarettes now and can breathe when I wake up in the morning (if I have got much if any sleep)!

Sorry this post is a little off the original topic however I wanted to let people who smoke know my story of how I fell into giving up and hope that if someone is wanting to give up smoking please give vaping a good go. If done correctly I hope it works for you. I know other vapers who used to smoke and like me prefer their vape so much more. It’s still an addiction I just hope that it’s doing me and others less harm :crossed_fingers::pray::heart:


I think your story @oliver75gaskell in quitting combustibles is incredible … and if you’re a smoker you would be very hard pressed to find any medical authority that would prefer for you to continue smoking than vaping. Perhaps in time you may step away not just from combustion but also perhaps nicotine but irrespectively you should be incredibly proud of this move … probably the single most amazing thing you could have done for your health. In awe of your perseverance to quit and in achieving that :pray:


Thank you for your kind words. I can still happily say that I am an ex smoker and pleased how I sort of slipped into being so with the massive assistance of vaping. Already feel that my lungs are clearer especially not having to wake up coughing and spluttering!
I have no desire to smoke so long as I have my vape and even the smell of cigarette smoking by others doesn’t tempt me. I hope others can quit like I did. You need a flavour and strength you really like and with a tiny bit of will power it’s easily possible!
As to the question if I could be nicotine free, no not at the moment as I really like the vape, but who knows what the future holds!


How legal it is here in the UK I am unable to comment but if you do not want to smoke there’s pods and infusions to use with your vape available. Don’t ask me where please but I can’t imagine they are difficult to find on the internet. That way you get your THC without the damage done when smoking!!

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I gave up 1,5 years ago!!! Weight gain is horrid
But am not smoking
Well done you!!!