Finished my last fragrance

All finished exploring the 3 fragrances. Thanks for the opportunity.


Hi @Lmuir - Thank your for participation and we hope you enjoyed the journey! :sofi_moon: :leaves:

PS we are looking into launching our ingestible remedies for sleep and calm shortly after your journey with the fragrance sprays ends. Is this something you would be interested in?

If so, keep an eye out for an email in the upcoming week that will give you the potential to opt-in to future plant refills, so that you can trial our sleep and calm remedies too!

I’m finished with my 3rd spray but it’s saying I still need to finish. I am at 0. What should I do? Linda


Is this when you are trying to end the study below all the steps under the compass icon?

I remember that i had to try several times and fill in the bit that asks for reasons to end … i.e. pods empty / or completed/ or something like that (can’t remember exactly what the options are).

If there are some sprays left in the bottle (in spite of the count saying 0) I think you could keep using it with the app open until they physically run out.

Whatever the problem is, don’t worry, just continue to journal because you need to do that after your spray programme has finished. At least I believe that is true with the fragrances although the uk pioneers haven’t trialled them yet.

If you have no sprays left the sofi ‘brain’ will detect you have not sprayed. So just keep doing the journal without spraying.

The team will be back on Monday, if not before. Sorry I’m not a great deal of help as i haven’t tried the fragrances but i am sure that you can’t do anything wrong!

Did you like the sprays? I’m sure that the team woukd like to know which was your favourite :grinning:

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