Hi can you tell me when ill recieve my pods

Ive been journalling for months and months now got my pebble ages ago, was told id recieve it soon and that was a while ago i feel like im just being fobbed off and not given a definate answer as to when ill get it


Hi @shiggins1978,

Thanks for your post and I am sorry to hear you feel like you have been strung along. We are just a startup and our production timelines may vary across different Pioneer programs. We are only able to communicate approximate shipment dates as soon as we are aware of them ourselves!

I can confirm that your free Pioneer Pack is reserved under your name, and you should have received an email from us recently, with the subject line: “sofi | your reserved starter pack,” detailing our next two waves of Pioneer Pack shipment, and how to ensure that you receive yours asap!

We will be prioritising those who have been most actively journaling these past 30 days to receive their shipments first (with 1st and 2nd waves of shipments taking place at the end of Nov and Dec, respectively).

Please let me know if there’s no sign of the email (occasionally our emails can get lost in junk or spam), I’d be more than happy to resend it your way.

Please let me know if I can help you any further! :herb: :pray: