STILL no smart pod :( feeling really disappointed and let down at the moment :*(

STILL waiting for my smart pod…Its been months since i provided my address and months since i received my pebble. I was told id definitely get one way before people started getting charged for them. Can anyone help please…Thank you in advance xx


Did you not get sn email recently, they are onto the next batch very soon. Ive been waiting too but have followed all the posts here so knew it would be november onwards. Dont forget this is free, no need to feel let down, they are a start up company after all.


Hi @Natzvw,

thanks for reaching out and it’s great to hear from you! As @Rach1 mentioned, you should have received an email from us towards the end of last week detailing our next two waves of Pioneer Pack shipment, and how to ensure that you receive yours asap!

Please let me know if there’s no sign of it (occasionally our emails can get lost in junk or spam), I’d be more than happy to resend it your way x