How long do you journal for

Hai, how long do you journal for before the pod is sent out then? I can’t remember now from when I had the advert up on Facebook, lol just done day 24 now, for some reason I thought it was 10 days?? Lol Thank you for any help


Hi @Morri and thanks so much for your post! It sounds like you are a journaling aficionado! However, please note that completing your journalling “baseline” so that your Pioneer Pack can be reserved is based on the number of days of journaling (10 needed) versus the number of journal entries (as technically you can journal as many times per day as you like!)

Once your baseline of 10 days is complete, the next step is to confirm your address via your journey map (compass icon) and receive a small surprise from us to confirm that your Pioneer Pack (containing your sofi pod and plant formulations) will make it to you - wherever in the world that might be!

I am here anytime should you have any questions!

I hope that helps and keep up the good journaling work! We can’t wait to get some of our plant-pod formulations into your hands.



Yeah I didn’t know you could do it more than once, so it’s been more than 10 days as I was doing it once every day before I went to bed, so I could put how the day had gone for me with the little worm thing lol, Umm I’ve done my address and all that, so I suppose it’s just waiting for that pebble thingy? I understand it takes time, that’s cool, I’m just enjoying being able too do this and I’ve been able too get myself motivated in my home as well so that’s good really haha :joy: thank you

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Absolutely @Morri! In that case, I’m sure we will have your pebble on its way very soon :slight_smile:

The good news is that our next plant is currently set to launch in about 4-6 weeks, so nonetheless there is plenty of time for you to upload your photo and qualify :slight_smile:

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Aww that’s fab, be just in time for the school holidays here hahah :joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth: Thank you

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