It's here! 💞 Such a blessing!

My Sofi Surprise has finally made its way to Indiana. It is absolutely adorable and for the first time in months I actually smiled. When I got home I knew it was in the mailbox because I get emails telling me what’s there and so I was excited to get home. When I opened it several hours ago, all I could do was just hold it between my fingers and rub it. I don’t know why, I don’t know what the appeal is yet, but thank you guys so much for that smile and the comfort that it provided. Here are some pictures.


Nice that the suprise makes you feel all smiles and happiness I hope this continues for you


It’s so wonderful that the ripples of our pebble from this side of the pond have finally reached you xx adding @alexwalkerjones to make sure your S2 Pioneer Pack is reserved. Welcome on board! :pray:


Received and reserved @t-michelle! So happy it arrived and put a smile on your face :blush:

Keep an eye out for email confirmation of your S2 Pioneer Pack within the day! :sofi_moon: :s2_n03: :s2_n02: :s2_n01:


Got the email today. Thank you so much!