My Pebble! And my first scent 🍊

Wasnt entirely sure where to post this but I think I’m doing it right, yes?

New to treehouse and it seems kinda cluttered and overbearing. Started using my scent today, got a fresh orange :tangerine: vibe from it. Like… Not “orange scented” , legit orange citrus vibe. Pretty cool!


Also getting lots of orange

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Just did my first sprays. Orange citrusy vibe for sure. Super excited to start this. I’ve been using essential oils for many years. This all sounds so cool.

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You’re in the right place @Jow! Typically we ask Pioneers to upload their images via the app, which makes for a somewhat more intuitive experience, but as (I believe) you have picked up your pebble as opposed to having it shipped to you to verify your address, we have asked for the uploads here, in our community “treehouse” hub/forum.

Super excited to hear your thoughts on each of the scents and furthermore to begin to unravel your complex and person experiences with each of them! :sofi_moon: :sparkles:

As you’ll see looking around, our previous trials involve ingestible plant remedies for better calm and sleep, so it is a really exciting thing to be expanding into new and exciting opportunities to better our lives using plants!