Pioneer packs delivery

Hi I received my pebble a few weeks ago I was just wondering when the next wave of Pioneer packs were due to go out


Hi, i am just copying and pasting part of an answer i gave to the same question a day ago. This should tell you want you want to know, and may be more than you need:

"If you search in the Treehouse for when will my sprays / or pod/ ( or similar) arrive, you will find many answers to this question that has been asked a lot in the past month. Also if you are interested there is information about the herbs and their processing amongst other things in the Treehouse Index.

You will receive a pack when the next batch of mouth sprays are extracted, processed, hand packed, and ready to go out.
This is still a free trial and as such the products are not all ready for distribution like they will be when sofi is ready for sale. Pioneers get to try the sprays when new sprays are ready.

You will need to be a bit patient, although not as much as in the early days of the trial when some pioneers, including myself, had to wait and journal 6-8 months to try a spray. Things are speeding up now and i have read in here that the next pack will be Chamomile and should be shipped out in September."

The team will put out updates in here about the next batch.
I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


I was also wondering. I am just concerned since I ended up receiving two pebbles - about 2 weeks apart. Hope there’s no issue that that it’s just a matter of waiting !

I’m be interested to try this study since I’ve had insomnia for as long as I can remember.


Hi Naomi, No issue I’m sure, likely just an error sending you two.
A rare pioneer - you have a friend for your first pebble!

So the answer above will apply :slightly_smiling_face:

I lost my pebble :cry:


Indeed I do. Yes I discovered that the pioneer packs come in waves so I am excited to see what plants I will receive. I have put both pebbles in a little box as a memory.


Hi @Chan43 @Zastruga - thank you for your message!

To add to @drmudlark 's great reply: your Pioneer Packs are indeed reserved with us and you are most likely to get it with the next production wave. We understand that waiting times can be quite frustrating and we are doing everything we can to push the dates!

In the meantime, please keep up the good journaling work and look out for emails/treehouse for updates! :sofi_moon: :lotus:

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