Pebble ..... How long to arrive

How long does it take for the pebble to be dispatched? I’ve been waiting weeks?


Hi @Eagleeyes3! Welcome to the sofi treehouse and thanks for your post!

We’ve been slightly delayed with our beloved sofi surprises lately, but I’m happy to confirm that yours was shipped as of today! Please keep an eye out for it arriving to you soon as be sure to upload an image via your pioneer journey map (compass icon) in your app, and follow next steps there so that your Pioneer Pack can be reserved!

Our ashwagandha wave is now complete, as we are placing the last one or two Pioneer Packs into Pioneer hands! But flavour formulating with our next plant is already underway and we can’t wait to get it into your hands :pray: :sunflower:

If you have any questions - or get stuck anytime - please let me know! x


Hi There, I received my pebble and sent a photo immediately. This was at the end of May, not being outspoken or Rude, but have you any idea of a time scale as to when I should receive my pod and sprays, I input my sleep results in every day and Regularly Read posts on Treehouse and get a weekly email from yourselves as a round up if the week. I’m really looking forward to trying it out, In the meantime I have tried pretty much everything Prescription wise and Herbal remedies, sleep apps to pillow sprays and herbal tea, white noise machine, no screen time, darkened room with Candles and Sleep pods… Still no different only getting between 2 -3 hours and that’s broken not Quality sleep, tried Yoga and reading, PTSD and Insomnia Confirmed by Specialists. I’d try anything to get some Rest. Please can you update me on this at your earliest convenience, Thank you in Advance.


Hi, the next batch of herbal mouth sprays ( if that is what you are waiting for) are still being extracted to put into the capsules. From what i have read in here they are due to be completed and to go out in September.


Thank you very much for your speedy reply regarding updates.

Kind regards


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It’s now October and still no sight of my first Shipment, six months since I first started as a pioneer and daily Registering my sleep results on the app. Interacting with tree house ect. Please can you let me know when I should be sent my first Spray. Many thanks in advance

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Hi @Eagleeyes3 - thank you for your message!

We are super grateful for your journaling work and being active on treehouse!

We had to postpone our shipment date due to an overwhelming amount of new Pioneers and recently announced changes to our Pioneer Studies, which you can find more about here. Our current ETA is winter launch and our next plant is Chamomile. We absolutely cannot wait ourselves to get some of our formulations into your hands! Keep an eye out for your inbox since we will be providing reminders to get back to more consistent journaling before the next shipment :pray: :herb:

Please let me know if you have any further questions!


Hi there, Thank you for your reply, if I’m honest I’ve heard this before ( i e the last time I was promised to be on the next trial) I wasn’t, and when I asked why? I got the same answer, I have kept to my side of things by engaging with my sleep history daily and Logging on to Treehouse and commenting too. I’m loosing all hope that I will ever get to trial and be a pioneer as the goal posts keep moving. The reason I signed up in the first place was because I am constantly researching for that Miracle to get Quality sleep, A Trauma left me with Insomnia and I try new things all the time, that come on the market in the hopes of finding the cure.


Hi @Eagleeyes3,

Your concerns and complaints are completely valid. The truth of the situation is that we are only a small startup and have been entirely transparent about the harvest and production times as soon as we have been aware of them ourselves.

Unlike a commercial or man-made products, our formulations are at the mercy of harvest times and mother nature’s production plan - so we are really sorry to hear that you feel like you have been strung along.

Our promise remains, the Pioneer Program will be free and those with a reserved Pioneer Pack will receive a Starter Pack following production in Dec later this year. We know that the wait time can be frustrating, but we are doing everything we can to speed our time (and quantity of production up) so that we can get sofi into your hands - as well as hundreds of other patient Pioneers - as fast as we possibly can. :pray: :herb: