Recycling the pods?

I finally got everything to work with the new release of the app. Great!
I have a question. When the pods are empty, what should I do with them? Thinking about climate change I have been reading about circular economy.
Do you have any plans for reusing the pods?


Hi @monabg I think from reading a previous post that we keep all our empty pods for refilling in the future. Admin will probably confirm one way or another. Hope that helps.


Hi @monabg, glad that you asked!

Indeed, we are in the process of exploring a closed-circuit option whereby empty plant pods can be returned to us to be cleaned and re-filled. While all sofi packaging is recyclable, we want to do more - and the best thing in this case is re-use! :blush:

We will begin in the UK, and are looking to eventually turn our attentions towards developing a system that can function internationally, in an as sustainable as possible way.

In the meantime we would love if you could hold onto your empty plant pods (pump and all) while we figure the logistics out and work towards further reducing our environmental impact :sofi_moon: :s1_n01: :s1_n02: :s1_n03:


Wow tat truly was a very interesting question :clap: well done guy :heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::revolving_hearts::purple_heart::blue_heart::heart:


Afternoon @monabg … you asked a really important question that I just wanted to give you more visibility to … especially because your thinking is entirely consistent with our three core values …

Purity of Plants
Power of Pioneers
Preservation of Planet

For the past few months, we have been looking into a closed circuit system for our plant pods and have asked you to kindly hold onto your empty formulation bottles in the meantime. This way, empty pods can be collected, cleaned, and reused - and we get to avoid the recycling bin for that little while longer! P.s. all sofi packaging is already recyclable and free of plastics - but we can always try to do better!

We are currently in the testing phase of this process, and as you can see from the poor n.03 casualty pictured below, we still have more work to do when it comes to perfecting our sterilisation system!

So, we have more work to do and we need more bottles to test! For all S1 Pioneers who are based in the UK, we would like to collect any empty or unused valerian plant pods you may have. To do so, we will be including a prepaid return stamp inside the formulation box containing your new passiflora formulations. We ask all pioneers to use that packaging to return the valerian bottles back to our facility here in the UK.

For S1 Pioneers not based in the UK, our very next goal is to develop a system that can function in each local market, without increasing the carbon footprint of international air shipment. In the meantime, please continue to hold onto your empty bottles while we find the gentlest ecological footprint for sofi. xx :pray:


An update on our progress towards a closed-loop reuse model for our sofi bottles. Our sofi bottles are glass and can be recycled of course, but we would like to strive were possible to mitigate sofi’s footprint further and so a re-use model where finished bottles return to us, are cleaned, refilled and sent out is of course preferred (we may even have to pay a premium for running our sofi this way - but inherently it seems to hit one of our core mantras - preservation of planet).

Well today we finally have some encouraging results. We ran one of each of our S2 bottles through multiple cycles and contrasted it to an original unwashed unit. So here are our bottles at the cleaning facility ahead of going through a recovery process:

And this was the position we tested the bottles in the cleaning tray:

And here are the results! After one wash cycle:

Here we are after a second wash cycle:

And here we are after a third wash cycle:

Now that’s progress!!



Excellent I’m so impressed and helping the planet a big well done to all at Sofi