REQUEST for Hours Slept Screen

Would it be possible to change or add an option to type or click rather than slide the time? I don’t know if it’s the crap connection at work or what but I’m having difficulty using the slider.

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What do you think @Kirill ?

The slider works well enough for me.

@vincent I’ve seen some feedback about difficulties with slider, mostly on Android.
@BrandNewMe Does it feel like you try to slide it and it wouldn’t move at all from the default position?

Yes, it wouldn’t move from the default position. Also, if I went too far it was difficult to move the slider.

@Kirill I’ve had the same… it works but it takes a while… Pesky Amdroid users :grin:

Alas! What to do with you Android users … and you are 72.3% of our Pioneers thus far!!! May the gods have mercy upon the souls of our devs as we try to imagine of the hundreds of screen types and configurations which one yours may be! Good luck to @filipe and good night all!

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The only option would be to donate iPhones to us Android users. :joy:

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I have a Samsung galaxy s10, so android. I’ve had no issues


No issue for me on android either