Seeds count not updating

Sorry for another new topic but i cohldnt find 1 that fitted.

For the last few days my seed count isn’t updating. I was wondering if there was a maximum seed level or if it’s a fault.

It doesn’t really matter atm but it will when you start up the reward system.


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Hi @DollsHead, let’s look into this for you. Could you provide us with a screenshot of your seeds earning history page when you have moment as well as your journaling history? Feel free to send it over by DM or via the sofi moon chat in-app.

This way, we’ll be able to compare our records of your journaling and seed earning activity with the recorded activity in our database.

Hey, thanks for your replybut its sorted. I dont know if it was waiting for me to upload my photo of my pebble and move on but my points have shot up today by about 200 :joy: