Confused about rewards

I’ve noticed over the last 10 days or so that after some journals there is no reward or 10 seeds or sometimes 20, don’t know if that’s correct or just me?


I normally get 10 seeds for a journal, if its my second journal of the day sometimes i only get 5. But never 20. Id love 20 please :joy::joy::joy:


Hi @Eevie,

I’m attaching a link with the breakdown of seed rewards according to activity:

For the first journal of the day, the reward should be ten, with any additional journals receiving 5 (and you can earn a maximum of 25 seeds for journaling per day).

If you are receiving a message with more seeds than that, it’s usually the case that some activity on the treehouse has been recognised, and so the app is combining that reward accordingly.

For example, if someone does their first journal of the day (10 seeds) AND happens to complete their baseline (100 seeds) - there seeds screen after journaling will read 110! :blush: :seedling:


Just a thought - a significant volume of new users :tada: - are you able to pin all these excellent starter question replies on a tab that is accessible from everyone’s private message section?
I know i asked a lot of these same questions in my first few days starting out… i still ask too many questions :crazy_face::joy:

Im wondering if it will ease all our first time queries, especially during out of office typical hours? I’ll pop my nose in for new Pioneers at pebbles/waiting for pods but dont want to appear (thing), don’t know the word but i recall my first two days …
@alexwalkerjones @Kirill

Best Wishes :sunflower::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Absolutely @PocketminxUK - we know there is alot of information to absorb with sofi, and this can only be natural when it comes to launching and taking part in a true a world-first! :blush: :raised_hands:

We are currently working on a Master FAQ document that will eventually live across all sofi spaces, including the treehouse, sofi app, website, and potentially even the internal chat that you can reach via the sofi moon!

Our aim is for this to be a one-stop destination for new and current Pioneers to answer any questions they may have, and even learn more about the team and science behind sofi, in general! With this, our hope is that 90% of questions can be answered without needing to necessarily wait for a response from the team or other pioneers.

Of course, we also LOVE that the treehouse is a space for all questions, no matter how big or small, so asking questions will always be encouraged, and this is why we never want to prevent new topics from being made, even if the question has been answered many times before.

I’d love to share the list of current questions with everyone very soon and see if we’ve missed anything you might like for us to add :pencil2::blue_heart: :sofi_moon:


Still getting zero seeds for most of my journals, will keep a better count of the total to see if it’s being added anyway. :grin:

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