The 3 question journal during the course of sprays

@Kirill perhaps? Or other team members:
Would it be possible to have this as a scrolling page? I ask this because even if i only want to write a short reply to the 3rd question, i can’t see what i am writing because it is below (behind) my keyboard.
I suppose the other alternative is for me to install a floating keyboard like Gboard. I googled this but haven’t tried it yet as i am happy with my default keyboard.
If necessary i will do this but thought it worth asking if the journal page could be scrollable :slightly_smiling_face:


I think this is a great suggestion @drmudlark, and it would be interesting to see whether it’s something that can be implemented across all supported devices and sizes of screen! I can’t say I’ve experienced the text being blocked/cut off so it just goes to show the variance

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