The sofi surprise

Hello, i have my sofi sirprise, so you deffo have the right address :slight_smile: where was i supposed to report that it arrived? I thought it was a link in my email, but i canmot find it :thinking:


Hi @annajozwik1991 - we spoke via email but your S2 Pioneer Box is reserved and a big warm welcome to the treehouse!

Feel free to message or tag me (or any member of the team) anytime x


@annajozwik1991 welcome to the community and it’s amazing to have you here with us. I think you will find a caring and compassion community here - not just incredible in giving us amazing feedback and helping us build sofi but also providing a huge amount of support to us and each other. It would be great to have a photo of the sofi surprise in your hand as we are pulling together now a collage for the S2 Pioneer Program and we would love to include that in there. Otherwise, keep journalling and we will shortly have more updates on the S2 program to share with you. Wishing you a restful night. xx :pray: