Thank you for my lovely sofi surprise


I’m so pleased that our sofi pebble’s ripples have made their way to you @serenatyanne! And welcome on board - I think you will an amazing community here who really is on a special journey with us - both in search of more sleep and calm but also an incredible source of strength to each other and us. I am copying in @alexwalkerjones to make sure we reserve you one of the last remaining S1 units. Can’t wait to start the next phase! :pray:


Welcome to the treehouse!! @serenatyanne

Your S1 Pioneer Box is reserved and will be on it’s way to you very soon! Make sure to check out the thread here for set-up FAQs: S1 Pioneer Boxes | FAQs and how-to's

:blush: :love_letter:


Yay, nice one! Also, we have the same name :smiley:


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