Where do I send the photo of my surprise please

hi I’ve today received my suprise pebbal I remember I had to upload a photo but can’t remember where to


hi @nigpercival
Just post the photo here :slight_smile:
(and I guess the team prefers a photo showing you as well, like you holding the pebble)


Hi Nigel! Welcome to the treehouse and happy first post :slight_smile:

Feel free to upload a picture here, or using the form linked here. Alternatively you can email me at alex@sofi.health and I’ll make sure it gets to the right place - marking your Pioneer Box successfully reserved!


Thats interesting thank you for sharing wit us… im just wondering will i receive a pebble i hope im not sounding cheeky or rude :slightly_smiling_face: its just i didnt know i have to send pictures or were to send them :heart::blue_heart::revolving_hearts::blue_heart::heart:

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Hi @magsxx1990! Yes, your pebble will be on it’s way in the very next wave. When it makes it to you feel free to upload an image in the treehouse tagging me, or simply add it to the form linked here for you as well as via email (which I’ve just resent to you now)! :blush: :love_letter:

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Awhh thats perfect @alexwalkerjones thank you so much for your reply and your helpful information :blush: :revolving_hearts: if you dont mind me asking what do you mean “Next wave” :thinking::slightly_smiling_face::revolving_hearts:

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Of course @magsxx1990! I use like to use “next wave” because we don’t have a set day of the week that these necessarily get shipped. However, I believe today is the day :slight_smile: haha

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Aaaaaaaa im sooo excited :blush: :hugs: :crazy_face: to start part 2 of my journey thank you @alexwalkerjones :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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