5 things to be happy about

  1. I’m alive
  2. it’s a beautiful day
  3. winter is leaving for this year
  4. just having great friends
  5. enjoying life
    Just to add that I’m from the uk and happy to be so

Welcome to the family ! Have a nice weekend


What an amazing message @Loles1111 and welcome to our little community here :pray:

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  1. My kids, they bring me so much joy.
  2. My wife who has stood by me throughout many difficulties.
  3. My physical health, although I suffer with anxiety I have physical strengths.
  4. My anxiety, it is teaching me that suffering isn’t a constant and we can get over any challenge that life throws our way.
  5. The blue skies that I am currently looking up at.

I love that … hard to narrow it down to five …

  1. For having won the lottery of great health at birth;

  2. For having been the fortunate child of much love

  3. For the mind with which to create,

  4. For the heart with which to love,

  5. For the time to do something with 01 to 04 xo

  1. The beautiful birds who live in our house and bring me the great joy of being seen as a trusted equal (even if that means no one does as they are told unless they want to lol)
  2. My wonderful partner who copes will all the ups, downs and treatments I have been through, despite facing just as much himself
  3. My sweet bunbun who enjoys life so much
  4. Nature, the moss clad forest, the sound of the stream, the beautiful birds who live outside our house, the leaves beginning to unfurl, like a green blush growing brighter each day
  5. How hard it is to narrow things down to five, and the invitation to try anyway - thank you @Loles1111

Love it @Calluna and what an amazing challenge @Loles1111 :pray: