Broken smart pod

Please can anyone help. I have accidentally drop my smart pod on the floor and is now broken. Who do I contact to get a new one. Thanks for help.


Hi - Thanks for posting and oh no!! We are sorry to hear that it dropped @Zara321, but accidents happen, of course! As our sofi smart pods are limited edition, and we do not keep spares reserved for the most part - so we’ll want to do what we can to get your unit repaired by our electronics/mechanics team.

I will reach out to them to see what they suggest, but please let me know the best date/time so that we can arrange a collection of your pod (feel free to send a private DM!)


Hello got in touch about my broken smart pod. Unfortunately I throw away the smart pod not thinking it could be repaired. I will than end the program. I have so far enjoyed using it. Thank you


Hi @Zara321,

Thanks for your quick reply. Is there any chance of recovering the pod, or has that trash ship sailed?

They are incredibly valuable to us, so if there’s anything we can do to rescue it and get it repaired, please let us know! :pray:

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Unfortunately the smart pod has gone to the trash gods. Thank you

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