Cute little drawstring bag received today

Thankfully, I forget most of the geology I learnt nearly sixty years ago but this looks like a living Nummulite fossil, for which I’m most grateful. A novel gift that will grace the mantelpiece and, hopefully, prompt much discussion! :heart_eyes:


I’m so pleased that your sofi surprises has found its way to you … it’s amazing how far the ripples get sometimes when you throw a little pebble into the sea! :slightly_smiling_face: … you know there is a great story behind each of these … let me see if I can find it for you …

All we need now is a photo of your sofi surprise in the palm of your hand and that phot to be either sent via the sofi app or even posted here … adding @alexwalkerjones here … that’s how we confirm that we can ship one of our very limited sofi starter packs to you! Wishing you a wonderful and restful weekend @neatby :pray:

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Already done yesterday via the app, Kaveh!

Good weekend, also.