Do any of you nap in the day or evening

Hi everyone
I know we are all fairly well informed as such on insomnia and sort of experts .as we have tried most things…so I have to admit I do nap :sleeping: at least every few days and it’s the best sleep I get .2 hours of bliss :blush:
I know it’s not a good idea if you have insomnia and sleep hygiene is so important but I have got into a strange routine which is hard to break …
Does anyone else nap in the day or evening?


I fall asleep on the couch nearly every evening. It’s not intentional… I’m watching TV, working on my computer or doing something on my phone and find myself waking up 1+ hours later.

I used to nap on weekends - which was mainly because of Uber-long workdays from Mo-Fr. And I loved them; as these power naps were powerfully recharging.
Nowadays, I hardly ever nap; rather trying to avoid it to ensure that I have a better night ahead of me…

I don’t nap every day but I do nap sometimes. And like you say, when I do, it’s the best quality sleep that I get! Seems to have no effect on my night time sleep at all. In fact I find sometimes I sleep better at night if I have napped in the day


Once I’ve finished the day of work, cook for the kids, clean it all up, and then sit down to watch tv with them before bedtime, I find it almost impossible to stay awake.

The kids (and me) find it frustrating at times, as they like me to be involved in watching a program, but even the most exciting movies or series that I want to stay awake for will not do the trick.

It’s often only an hour or so that I cannot stay awake, which is certainly not helpful for the night ahead. But a warm meal in my belly after a hard days work and the soothing sounds of a tv program are irresistibly drawing me into dreamland.

If I fight it, my restless legs will go banana’s and I have to stand up and do something as they drive me nuts. Ugh.


I get in from work and feel so tired and I have to stop myself nodding off because if I power nap for a second it adds 4 hours of no sleep as punishment I usually put on a film with Ryan Reynolds to make laugh that seems to focus my mind