I can't even nap 😩

After now a few night of nearly no sleep , I’m exhausted and giving my horses the day off. As I’m working over the weekend as well. I hardly nap during the day unless I’m ill. I find if I sleep during the day I definitely don’t sleep at night. Well here I am 30 minutes later still exhausted bored and thinking I’m wasting a beautiful sunny day on the sofa :weary::weary: wish I had a button to turn my brain off. At least the dog is sleeping .


I hope the day turned out okay in the end @sonja.ekkers.77

I know I should have gone out of the house today but have been stuck behind a screen intensely working all day and now it’s dark. Saw the beautiful sunshine as well from behind the glass. So close, yet so far. Oh well, at least I got a lot of washing done in between my work :laughing:

Maybe I should just do a walk in the dark…


You know I was exhausted from a few nights of little sleep so when I saw your message I tried to have a go. Now up and feeling terribly groggy! Now I know why I never nap during the day. I seem to be worst after! Maybe I can shake it !!

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I googled it :rofl::rofl: you can have a nap but only for 30 minutes . Well it takes me 2 hours to get to sleep 🤷🤷 so after my 30 minutes I was still awake.


I hear you @Kaveh! I often feel really nauseous after a nap. I wonder why that it…


Yes, I never really understood that 30 minutes rule either @sonja.ekkers.77

I can hardly set a timer the moment I fall asleep…

Although thinking about it, with the various sleep trackers that are around they should be able to figure out when we fall asleep and wake us again after 30 minutes. Put your tracker in ‘nap mode’ and take your time actually drifting off!

Sleeptrackers take note! :laughing: