Do you feel the different scents relax you?

But yeah I’ve been spraying on my pillow and sleeping well. Actually sleeping better with spray on pillow than the oral spray.

Hope it works


Oh nooooooooooo!
At least something slept!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
@mozza.stan77 @Aaron

Yeah, I defo felt that I’ve slept better with this focus spray than the oral ones!!
I’ve bluddy come away for 4 days tho, for work, and I forgot to pack it!!! :face_with_peeking_eye::see_no_evil::weary:


No. I am a good girl and followed instructions to the letter. Didn’t ‘go rogue’ and start spraying Valerian on inanimate objects. Actually I was a bit concerned about spraying it anywhere near the dog in case she keeled over.


So I’m on focus 4. Definitely the winner so far and I’m sleeping well…but it has a hairspray smell

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Totally agree the lemon spray actually helped me with my sleep I’m on the 3rd spray and my sleep is not as good and I have a sleep app and sleep devoce