Error regarding capsule

I keep receiving an error when i go on to my soft app, its only started today. it has recognised my first three sprays… please advise


Hi @macky.lisa - thank you for reaching out about this and providing that screenshot!

Could I please ask you to snap a photo of the top cap of your current capsules (and any others that this is displaying for?)

You should find a tiny RFID sticker on the top of each and I’ll attach a photo of what that looks like. If these are missing this will likley be the source of the issue and i’ll need to touch base with our lab to prevent it from happening again :pray:t2:

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Thank you for getting touch quickly.

Im hoping iv got the picture clear enough, aa camera kept having problems focusing. If you need anything else from please let me know


Thanks so much @macky.lisa - perfect shot and super super helpful for us. I will pass this along and get back in touch as soon as we know more.

Appreciate your support as always, x

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Mine is doing exactly the same and ive checked and there are no stickers on mine

I’ve got the same problem (sorry, I don’t know if it’s best to start a new topic or post here)

I got the Capsule RFID is not recognised message when I tried to pair my pod just before. My pod showed on screen as having 70/70 sprays but I’m half way through it.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now can’t get on. It’s s blank white screen after I try to login.

I checked the top of the pod and I’ve got the RFID sticker like in the pictures above

I can post photos if you need or start a new topic if you prefer dealing with everyone’s issue separately?

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Hi purplepink, Im just another pioneer but i think its great when people post the same issues in an existing topic. Soo many topics on the same subject mean that we have to scroll down a long way to find something we saw only yesterday!! Especially if we cant remember the topic title to search for it.

I wish i could help you but @alexwalkerjones or @Kirill will be able to help when they are back in here.

This might sound silly but sometimes i found a couple of little things can help, such as making sure that you have swiped away the previous app screen so there aren’t more than one open, and also turning the phone off and then back on. That may not help at all but I thought there was no harm in my making the suggestion.
I hope you get sorted soon :slightly_smiling_face:


I have the same problem this evening too, but it is still registering the spray I just did


Hi @drmudlark

Thank you, I appreciate your reply and the advice :blush:.

I thought it may be easier for the Sofi team if I didn’t start a new topic and kept it here but I wasn’t sure of the etiquette

I’ll try what you suggested. If that doesn’t help I’ll wait for the team to get back to me. Hope I haven’t made things worse by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I’ve now got a blank white screen when I login (it was the RFID message before)

I understand the team may not be able to get back tonight. I’m guessing they’re probably quite busy as seems like several of us here have the same problem. I feel bad for them! These things happen and I’m sure things will get sorted when they can

@grannysue269 That’s helpful to know :blush:
I’ll try spraying if I can get my screen back. It’s good they’re still registering.


Hi again, you are welcome, and i commend your etiquette, patience and understanding how busy the team are! They will get back to you though ASAP.

I get that RFID message sometimes but i have been lucky that it has gone when i spray, as long as the battery is charged and my pod is close to the open app.

Im sure that you won’t have made things worse by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. The white (or black) screen of death is very disconcerting, i know! I had that briefly last week but can’t remember what i did to fix it (something suggested on the net i think), or maybe it just stopped misbehaving!

I do hope that your problem (and others with the same difficulty) get sorted soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think the patience may be helped by the ashwagandha. It definitely seems to help me feel less stressed

I’ve got some good news. I took your advice. Turned my phone on and off, uninstalled and reinstalled the app again and the screen is back! Still getting the RFID message and my sprays don’t seem to register but it’s a start

Thanks again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have been having the same problem yet it is still counting my sprays. Started yesterday

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Mine is the same too, but registers the sprays in the app, but still says 70/70. @Kaveh @alexwalkerjones

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Same, started yesterday. Still registers sprays, but get the error message

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Hi everyone! @macky.lisa @Harobed @steven25 @grannysue269 @angela.campbell

Thank you all kindly for flagging this - it’s a huge help for us to get a proper count on how many pioneers are being affected. Happy to say that our team is working on a fix now, and should push out a solution for those affected very soon :raised_hands:


Thank you, that great Alex

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Possible fix, have the pod system and the app open, turn off Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth then wait for repair. App should now read the correct spray

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Thank you for this,

mine seems to be working now


Yes mine too. Thank you