Focus fragrances

Firstly, i loved No. 3, the citrus one, far more than the other two.
No. 1 wasnt bad, reminded me a bit of eucalyptus and menthol.
Not sure what to make of No. 2, i couldn’t think what the scent was, perhaps something like a scented furniture polish!

Secondly, reporting on the level of focus I experienced each day … if i was still working i would find this fairly easy, and although now retired i am usually pretty busy so then it’s not too hard. But i don’t think my responses are of any use to Sofi at the moment.
I have injured my knee a while ago and it is getting worse. I am struggling to even get around my house and going downstairs is a nightmare, not to mention getting out to food shops. Given this i can’t set myself any goals and it is hard to judge how focussed i have been as i can’t do anything! I live alone so it is very frustrating.

Thanks to a cancellation (the waiting list is many weeks) I am seeing a Physio tomorrow so hopefully will at least find out what i have done, how long it may take to get better and how i can help myself.

I have tried all 3 fragrances now, each for 6 days and then one day off.

There are sprays left in each pod but i am thinking of setting them aside until my knee is better so that i have activities that i can judge my focus against. Is this ok? Or does sofi want us to continue until all are used up?


I have found using the focus sprays consistently, is more difficult than using the oral sprays. I forget to use them, whereas I was really disciplined at using the oral sprays, as it was the same times each day. I often wake up anxious in a morning and think, I should have got the fragrance spray by my bed, to use on waking, but it is downstairs. Routine works well for me and I haven’t found a strong routine pattern for the fragrance sprays.