Gardeners World 2-for-1 (UK only)

Hi all,

Gardeners World magazine is doing their annual 2-for-1 on visiting a huge variety of gardens in the UK again, (392 garden in fact) for the price of a single magazine.

I did this last year and found it well worth the money.

Oh and you get a bunch of seeds as well!

You can check it out here: 2-for-1 Gardens to Visit - BBC Gardeners World Magazine

Maybe we can share picture here of the gardens we visit?

Nothing more soothing than being in nature surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers :slight_smile:


Love this @Vincent! I just found out about the Chelsea Physic Garden in Central London recently, which was established as the Apothecaries’ Garden in 1673 to grow plants to be used as medicines.

I’m not sure whether it’s on the Gardens list, but I’ve certainly added it to my list of places to spend some time this summer. (

Today, apparently they’re hosting a “remembered remedies” sharing event, and next month then even have one titled, “living medicine: sleep, anxiety, and fatigue,” where they’re making valerian hot chocolate! What?! How cool! :coffee: :seedling:


Seeds and gardens @vincent … sounds interesting! :grinning: