So after a night where I actually got some undisturbed sleep

I’ve woken up feeling more tired and anxious then nights my sleep is broken or none existing and it’s got me thinking.

I’ve always had an interest in plants and used to forage a lot in my younger days.
Besides knowing what plants are good for vitamin C etc I’m a total novice on the benefits of plants.

Does anyone know of a good resource site to learn more? YouTube channels, websites, books.

Are there any plants I should look into for anxiety and feeling drained?

After reading through some of the stuff on here and looking at papers on the benefits I’m really interested to learning more.


Morning @lrakarid! Glad to hear about your sleep but sorry to hear you aren’t feeling on top of the world as a result! It’s so rare to have those nights of continuous sleep though!

You know when we set out on the journey with sofi we really wanted to understand how sleeplessness and anxiety impacts us at a bio chemical way and also understand plants to could have an impact on those different ways that sleeplessness and anxiety impacts so. So we had our scientist read and review and score nearly 1k journals and write four summaries of what we could find … this was the basis from which sofi was going to build our understanding forward. These summaries we made available to Pioneers interested here in the treehouse and you can find and click on the links you’re interested using this link here: On Anxiety + Sleep - #20 by Kaveh let me know what you think. Happy Monday! :pray:


Thank you @Kaveh it’s been an interesting read so far.
Might take me a while to fully read them with my dyslexia :joy: but they look good from a skim read