Havent recieved my pods

Hi i havent received my pods yet had my stone but havent heard anything else when will i get it


Hi @shiggins1978 - thanks for posting!

I can confirm that your Pioneer Pack has officially been reserved under your name for shipment in our upcoming program!

We recently reached total capacity with our Ashwagandha Program and as all current Packs have been assigned to go out, you will be one of the first participating in the launch of our next plant!

As only a small startup, our production time varies, however we are quickly improving our ability to speed production up (think weeks away not months!), and already the wait time between launching new plants/program has significantly reduced from where we started (with some Pioneers previously waiting up to 8 months! Incredible!)

In addition to new plants, we plan to send out refills of previous waves, so you’ll likely get a chance to try previous waves over time too!

More information on this coming soon and here anytime should you have any questions! We’re so excited to have you onboard and can’t wait to get some of our plant-pod formulations into your hands.

Kind regards,