Help box got mixed up in shipping

I just got my sofi box today and when I opened it up all the spray bottle are just lose in the box. I don’t know which one is which so I can start with the right one. I tried to attach a picture but my device won’t let me something to do with a memory errorPlease help me figure this out so that I can start with the right one


Hi, first of all welcome to the community , sorry your pods got mixed up, if you put them into your stick on the app it will tell you the number of the pod , hope this helps , and you get a much needed rest! :slight_smile:

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Thank you I’ll do that soon as my stick is charged


No 1 is yellow colour, 2 is orange, and 3 is a darker orange/ red.
You may find it hard to tell between 2 and 3 but as Aaron said the app will tell you so you can switch them over if wrong