How long until the device is actually delivered

I’ve done the 10 days and more, I also have put my delivery details, it’s been over a week and I’m yet to receive my SoFi surprise?

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Hi @Ellabella - Thanks so much for your post and thrilled to have you onboard!

I can confirm that we received your address a couple days ago, and so your sofi “surprise” pebble (our way of confirming you address ahead of reserving and receiving your Pioneer Pack with the plant) will be shipped to you this week!

The sofi surprise is our way of verifying your address ahead of reserving your Pioneer Pack containing your formulations and smart pod - as the cost of losing one of our limited edition packs is much much higher than sending a small surprise to test the waters first! :blush:

As soon as your surprise arrives, please follow the next steps in-app according to your pioneer journey map (compass icon) so your Pioneer Pack can be officially reserved under your name and shipped to you following the next production wave.

I hope that clarifies things and keep up the good journaling work!
Alex xx