Delivery sofi plant pod

How many days from the addreses email confomation should it arrive in

How big is the packging


Dear Bob. Have you finished your ten days of baselining yourself? After that you receive a confirmation email for physical address and you get at first a sofi surprise sent to your address. These S1 production units have taken much resource and time so we want to make sure they find the right homes!


I have completed the ten day im just wondering when they would be due so i can be in for when it comes


Congratulations for being part of the first wave of Pioneers to complete Bob! You should have received a confirmation email to double check your full home address. Once you send a picture back of your sofi surprise at hand (coming in the post) we will assign one of the first production units to you. We will be updating everyone next week on the current production timeline and the likely target date of receipt of the first set of S1 Valerian boxes. Can’t wait! KM


Hi @Kaveh I’m on day 29 of journal would I have received an email also for mail confirmation? If so i must have missed it :weary:. Can you confirm if I’ve missed this email please?


Oh sugar I’ve found the email. I’ve confirmed my address and email. What a tube I am :rage:sorry I didn’t realise I had to do this :cry:could kick myself I could have had my surprise my now


I haven’t received my surprise yet so you don’t need to kick yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:


Morning @bottons1 and so pleased you found it. We have had a real difficulty with our communication disappearing in inboxes and filters so this is actually the most common place it seems that communication disappears. So this is entirely normal. They key is that we will definitely reserve you one of our S1 Valerian boxes and we are so incredibly grateful to have you on this journey with us. These sofi surprises do take their time to travel but rest assured you will be in the program. Copying @alexwalkerjones to keep an eye on this as well. Have a great weekend Vickey!



I received an envelope that had Sofi written on it but no surprise so I can’t show a picture. The envelope was opened and didn’t appear to have been sealed before. Can you help me?


Hi @Fruitbat, thanks so much for your message and so sorry to hear that your sofi surprise fell out. We will get another one on it’s way to you as soon as we can so you’re not missing out at all :love_letter:

In the meantime, feel free to upload an image of the envelope front in place of the surprise itself via the app, and we will make sure your Pioneer Pack is reserved. But - once your new surprise arrives - we’d also ove to see a photo of it here so we can include it in our Pioneer Collage :blush: :pray:

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Hi Alex,

Many thanks for your email.

Unfortunately, as it was empty one of my family has already discarded the envelope when I left it on the table - always efficient at the times you don’t want them to be and not when you do :rofl::joy::rofl:!

Anyway, many thanks and I will post photos as soon as it arrives.

Many thanks



Totally understandable Kevin :blush: :rofl:

Keep an eye out for a new (better sealed) surprise arriving in the next two weeks :pray: :sparkles: