I finish my Sofi sprays

All 3 of my canisters have been emptied. To be honest it’s pretty hard to pick my favorite, but #2 has to be my favorite. Just the scent is so relaxing, had so many good night rests from that scent alone


@PjTheYoshi - thanks you for your message! Is your nickname related to a Nintendo character by the way?:slight_smile:

It is fascinating to see how various Pioneers’ responses are to fragrances! We are glad you enjoyed yours :wink:

By the way, we will definitely be looking into launching our ingestible remedies for sleep and calm shortly so hopefully this is something you’re interested in!

If so, keep an eye out for an email in the upcoming week that will give you the potential to opt-in to future plant refills, so that you can trial our sleep and calm remedies too! :sofi_moon: :leaves:

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