Pioneer pack conclusion

The third and final scent was my fav! Now that I’m done with all of my scents I wonder what I should do now?

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Hi @Piccolo (could your name be related to Dragon Ball by any chance?) - thank you for your message!

We are grateful for your participation and great journaling work!

We are looking into launching our ingestible remedies for sleep and calm shortly after your journey with the fragrance sprays ends. Is this something you would be interested in? If so, keep an eye out for an email in the upcoming week that will give you the potential to opt-in to future plant refills, so that you can trial our sleep and calm remedies too!

If you find yourself interested in our ingestible remedies, please keep journaling regularly so that sofi can track how your mood and focus changes in between your journeys! :sofi_moon: :leaves: :pray: