I havent got my pioneer pack yet

Hi there i dont have my pioneer pack yet whp do i contact


Hello, welcome to the treehouse.
When did you join Sofi?
Have you done your baseline journalling and have you yet received your sofi surprise and uploaded a picture of it in your hand?
When you have done that you will be registered to receive sprays sent out in the next wave.

Those are the first steps, and to keep journalling.

Apologies if you have done that, but i am thinking that you may have not got that far yet because this is your first post in the treehouse.


HI @Ruby.jheeta,

Thanks for messaging! Your Pioneer Pack was shipped on the 24th May, could you please confirm whether or not you received any tracking information? I’ll ask our Ops team to look into the delivery for you in the meantime.
Kind regards,

Thank you, that answers my query as well.

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Hi there,

I have nothing come through yet.

Kind regards,


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Hi all, I’ve just finished my 10 days of journalling but havent recieved an email to confirm my location yet, how long does this take to come through usually?


Hi @Nimh, thanks for posting! In our system it’s showing that you have one final day of baselining (10 days) before you’ll move on to provide your address and receive your sofi surprise.

Please note that all of this will happen directly in your sofi app via the pioneer journey map (compass icon) in the bottom right on your screen :blush: :sofi_moon:

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Hi @Ruby.jheeta - I just wanted to follow up to say that we are looking into this currently. But to please reach out should tracking information (or of course your Pioneer Pack arrive!) :pray: :love_letter:

Hey Alex!!
My mistake, i thought i had completed my day 10! My issue now is i havent recieved any tracking info or any emails regarding the surprise to verify my location, i have given my address and everything now a few weeks ago and ive heard absolutely nothing since! Any idea as to what may be happening with this?

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Hi @Nimh,

We recently dialled back our Program emails (that let you know what to expect when, in addition to the app), but they will shortly be up and running again.

We do not receive tracking for our sofi surprises as the cost would be more than the surprise itself - but I’m happy to confirm that your sofi pebble was shipped yesterday and should be with you in not too long!

Please keep an eye out for it arriving soon and upload an image of it in your hand via the app once it does!

Here anytime should you get stuck :blush: :cherry_blossom:

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