Journal completed - Can't wait!

I have completed my journal and cannot wait to receive my sofi stick so that I can start on my journey towards sleeping better :crossed_fingers:


Amazing @Milli47, and welcome to the treehouse - I hope you find it a lovely place to be!

You should have received an email to confirm your address (make sure to complete the form even if the address shown is correct) and your sofi surprise will be on its way to you. Once received, send us back a photo (or simply post here) and your Pioneer Box will be reserved!

Happy Pioneering :slight_smile: :blush: :blossom:

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Same here. Watching the post box for my special gift… excited.


Hi, I have been waiting for the email to confirm my address. I’ve been checking my Junk mail but have eventually found it in all the Spam! Hopefully once I complete it I’ll be on my way to receiving my Sofi stick​:slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:


Not sure if I’ve done this correctly. There was no form to complete. It just gave my postcode and asked if that was correct. It then asked for my telephone number but I haven’t given my full address :thinking:


Hi @Milli47 - so glad to hear you managed to find the email in your spam. Starring or moving the email to your inbox will hopefully stop that from happening again! :love_letter:

As for the address, I can update that for you manually, so not to worry at all :sparkles: :raised_hands: Feel free to send me a DM with that info when you get a chance!

If only a post-code was displayed, technically that would be marked as “incorrect,” so you could then receive a prompt to complete it fully - but I follow up to confirm anyway so as to make sure nobody slips through!

I hope that helps - and alternatively feel free to complete the form again if you would rather :slight_smile:

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Hi Alexandra,

I have completed the form correctly this time so hopefully it should go through. Thanks for your help.