Medieval sleep patterns (Biphasis sleeping)

Interesting article a colleague shared with me this week. It immediately mad eme think of our Treehouse folks! The forgotten medieval habit of 'two sleeps' - BBC Future


I love this, I did some research a few years ago on biphasic sleep and how some people are naturally predisposed to it and that it actually is very normal.

My children are homeschooled and we don’t set wake up times, they wake up naturally, they go to sleep around 10.30pm and I have one who regularly wakes up and reads, or does yoga at aboit 12.30 am and nods back off at around 2.30am up at 9 till 10am. He is phenomenally intelligent, self disciplined, fit, active, never tired. So has no adverse affects.

Many businesses decades ago didn’t open till 10pm, shut at 5pm, half day Wednesdays shut Sundays, now nothing shuts down, people don’t get a chance to stop, we are constantly on the go. We need to slow down.

Biphasic sleep, unfortunately doesn’t have a place in today’s modern society, constraints, industrialisation has put a stop to that.


Absolutely! My first thought reading this was that for most people it would be an impossible way to live because of society. It feels like a natural rhythm that we may have been robbed of and it reminds me of the rhythm of ‘wintering’ that we have lost (but I bang on about all the time) and the art of convalescence which modern society Hs no time for but our bodies still need.


I think I am doing this without knowing I was being medieval!! :upside_down_face:


Fascinating article! Thank you for sharing. Makes me wonder what a ‘natural’ human sleep pattern is. Also shows you how they’re highly impacted by our environment, for better or worse!