Do you have a sleep routine? Please share =)

Hello, I’m new here so hope I’m not starting a new topic for something that’s already been covered recently.

I think this could be a good opportunity for new and seasoned users to share their techniques or routines when it comes to bed-time! We could then ask for advice or identify potential issues within our routines/habits that we might not ever notice ourselves. A second, third or as many opinions as possible.
There is not necessarily ‘right or wrong’ answers as something that can help some people may hinder others, but we could try and find ways to build and stick to our own personal optimum bedtime/sleep routine.

I know we’re not left with many options in this economy regarding sleep times/work/family commitments and it can be hard to find time for self reflection and gratitude, but these are still very important and can be a great benifit to our overall mental and physical well being. Which should always be our top priority!

Learning about ourselves, our thought processes and mechanisms can help us understand a little more about what we need/want and how we can make changes to enhance our lifestyle, as well as those around us.

Let me know what you think, any feedback is positive feedback in my opinion! Especially as I have seen this community to be exceptionally helpful and super welcoming!
We are all in the same boat on the same ocean on the same big rock. We can keep afloat and tackle the waves of sleeplessness and anxiety together.
(If you would like to!)
Don’t feel the need to post but even if one person reads and it helps them a little bit I will feel it as a succes! Thanks =)

So, do you have a routine?
If so, when did you start and how effective is it?
And what are the benifits and challenges you have encountered so far?


What a great idea for a post.

Personally my routine starts with my phone. It goes into sleep mode so I don’t get notifications to distract me. I find that really helps me to not go on my phone and helps me wind down.
Then I do my skincare - I don’t have a huge routine but it helps to just take some time to myself and look after myself.
Then a chapter on my kindle and it’s off to sleep (or to try to).

Keeping my phone away and doing my skincare have helped me make huge progress. I actually get sleepy and it makes me WANT to wind down more.


Thats great to hear @Prakem !
It’s something I would definately recommended to anyone! Even if their sleep is fine it’s good to have some time for self care.

I also use a blue light filter on my phone and keep it locked and away as long as possible before bed. I try some light exercise a few hours prior to bed (such as walking or cycling) and I try to avoid any physically demanding activities too close to trying to sleep.

I also found a ‘sleep diary’ helps. I try to stick to the same timed routine and write in the diary when I get into bed to sleep and if I wake up (as long as it doesn’t keep me awake) and I’ll write what woke me up and what I was thinking.

This also helps with my anxiety and helps me notice patterns or recurring thoughts that have an impact on my sleep. Things I wouldn’t normally think twice about but are actually more common than I first realised. I’m looking forward to recieving my pod to see how it changes how long it takes me to get to sleep, how solid my sleep is and ultimately the quality of my sleep.
Have you received you pod? and has it helped with your sleeping if so?


This is such a good post idea!

My routine starts with my Skincare, doing my skin before bed is so important to me, I love to cleanse, tone, serum and moisturize my skin before bed, to feel comfortable in my own skin. I then spray my Sofi spray like an hour before I sleep so it kicks in but that’s personal preference, I then just dose off with background noise like a TV show or music :blush:


Yeah exactly! I think that a good night time routine and some self care is good regardless of how well someone sleeps usually.

How do you find the sleep diary? I thought about starting one but I’m worried I won’t even have anything to write.

I haven’t got my pod yet but I’ve been told a pack with the next plant has been reserved for me and I’m so excited!!
I’ve enjoyed using the bubbles to try and see trends over time but I’m looking forward to seeing how the pod will (hopefully) improve my sleep.


Thanks @StaceyTsReviews I find skincare to be quite a common and very effective part of people’s routine, including my children’s mother. She enjoys the time that’s dedicated to herself, albeit rare with the kids running around.
Regarding the sleep diary @Prakem I find it helpful when I stick to it, similar to the bubbles but only for bedtime, even if only writing the time and mood or energy level. I’ve noticed gradually I write less as I notice recurring problem thoughts and try to avoid them. There’s no pressure to write more or less than you can. I seem to write more about general anxiety problems now rather than issues with my sleep, kind of turned into a general diary at some points.
Is there anything specific that you think about when trying to sleep or that wakes you up?
Another good technique when I’m too anxious to sleep is to think of a word and think of a few words that begin with each letter of the base word, I learned this technique in cbt, so if the base word was ‘sleep’ I would list a few words firsty starting with ‘s’ such as slow, sound, slope, steer, and then words starting with ‘l’ like love, light, learn, lot, and so on but without putting too much pressure or energy into thinking about it. This takes my mind away from 100 thoughts per minute.
I think background noise and light keeps me awake more but a lot of people it helps. I read that watching or listening to something you’re already familiar with is better than something new as it’s less stimulating for the brain to be taking on new information or learning whilst trying to sleep, but I think this varies massively from person to person. It’s whatever we can find that helps ourselves and not trying too hard to make a technique work and seeking and trying new things, such as sofi! Today is my 10th day journaling so I will soon have a pod of my own to test and review!


I camt wait to receive my spray


I like the sound of that cbt letters technique, I’ll have to give that a try. I used to have a pre-bded skincare/self care mini ritual that helped but I completely forgot about it! I must pick that back up too!

I can stay asleep relatively unbroken but it’s getting to sleep that is usually a real problem, or more recently waking up too early and not being able to get back to sleep, something I never had trouble with before.

My routine tends to change depending on how I’m feeling that day/week. Sometimes I can fall asleep listening to a book (just have to remember to set the timer so it turns off before I wake up at chapter 85!) but other times I need actual techniques such as guided sleep meditations. Those are usually my last resort but I’ve found they really help to shift my body and mind into sleep mode. There’s loads on spotify so you can usually find a voice that works for you.