Observations on results

Just wanted to thank you for the interesting charts, it’s taken me a few hours to try and understand it all and I’m not sure of all the details but here’s my thoughts for what they’re worth.
OBSERVATION 1 - I give 9

OBSERVATION 2 - I give 7

OBSERVATION 3 - I give 8

The reason for these scores is that while the sleep pattern could be anticipated to some extent, the duration and quality couldn’t have the same accuracy given that the app couldn’t detect how many times a person woke, or how long it would take to get back to sleep. Also the consistency could be impacted by the app crashing or not registering all the sprays or information for whatever reason. On the whole I am immensely impressed with how well this has turned out. Never in a million years would I have thought that my sleep would have been improved so much and so quickly. Before joining this trial I had a lot of misgivings, is it just a scam, is it just wishful thinking? But I’ve been blown away by the results and my quality of sleep and life have taken a turn for the better just by using a humble plant.


Honest words xx i too kinda wish i had a button during the night i could quickly press saying up,or up to pee,up restless,too see how many times i wake up with or without sofi.i too have foubd this journey remarkable and gracious :ear_of_rice: