Observations S1 Pioneer

Here my observations from S1P. Observation 1: Significant sleep pattern occurring every 1, 2 and 7 days

Observation 2: Sleep quality most impacted by valerian use 7 days prior (V-7)

Observation 3: Spraying Valerian improved sleep quality by 66% with 99.9% certainty

What I have found personally is that i get to sleep much faster every night. At the beginning I was getting more sleep sometimes more than an extra hour but that seems to have plateaued and back to waking early again however getting to sleep quickly has remained.
I have found flavour wise pod 1 and 3 taste the best but strangely pod 3 seems to be when the sleep became less. Not sure if the citrussy taste is energising rather than relaxing, i really dont know.
Overall i agree with the observations. Definitely improved overall sleep in general.
Scores: 8/10 for each.
I find the app a little too vague at times at recording your thoughts on sleep. So by that i mean i could have had 5 awesome hours of sleep but then 90 mims of tossing and turning. Or been awake numerous times but still wake up fresh etc.
The other thing to note is sleep anxiety has reduced which that in its self is pretty great even if i have woke through the night i have drifted back off and not allowed myself to get in my head and solve world peace! I would like to say i feel so fortunate to be on this trial. Thanks you peeps!!!