Our beautiful pond


That is beautiful!! And that ray of sunshine :heart_eyes:


I’m so jealous! For years now I’ve tried my hand at ponds in various places I lived. But it’s always been a struggle to be honest. For some reason I always have water loss.

I thought I’d be smart about it this last time and buy a barrel. At first I tried without a lining, but I can tell you now, that’s a baaaaaaaaad idea. The smell and creatures that started living in it is the stuff of nightmares. Anyway, lined the barrel but still someone the thick lining must have gotten punktured. In the summer the barrel starts to dry out and I loose water again. Never ending story :joy:

I love it! :blush: Are there any little creatures that have decided to make it their home yet? :turtle: :lady_beetle: :bug: :butterfly: :sunflower:

Yeaaa they are quite hard to keep on top of to be honest but it was a little lockdown project that we worked on, turned out quite well !!


Yep we have some resident frogs that have been laying spawn for the past couple of yearsl… And we also have our lovely koi carp (mini) that live there :relieved: