Passiflora experience

Very brief experience of passiflora for those who haven’t tried it yet.

I tried it for around 10 days. For around half of those days, I felt that my sleep was deeper and was less disturbed in the night. It was very subtle and didn’t really feel any other effects. It didn’t make me feel drowsy and I didn’t notice any reduction in stress as such, but it may have been slightly helping.

About half way through the 10 days, I found I was having alot of strange dreams. Not nightmares, just strange. And I felt that my sleep was being disturbed by these as they were waking me up. This may also be because I using more than 3 sprays before bed.

I’m not sure if I would use it again, but the real test will be if I feel different when I stop taking it, but time will tell on that one.


Amazing @Casino!

Apparently vivid dreams are a common side effect of passiflora for some people (I personally experienced them too), and it’s quite incredible to think that just a few sprays can result in such weird and wonderful REM sleep!

I’m glad the dreams haven’t been too nightmarish for you and thanks for sharing your initial experience :blush: