Passiflora results

Well i am nearly halfway through my supply of passiflora pods. As a confirmed non sleeper, i was a bit dubious of the ability of a herbal extract to resolve sleeplessness and anxiety. However, for the last 4 days, i have noticed a steady improvement in the quality of my sleep. My Garmin has shown a massive increase in the amount of REM sleep that i am getting. Typically less than 30 mins, it is at least 1.5hrs now.
Could there also be a psychological effect? The spray triggers a pavlovian type response saying ‘bedtime’?


Could very well be some people out there who get that response from their spray, I wonder what @Kaveh , @alexwalkerjones and @pamelaspence thoughts are on this ? :slight_smile:


Thanks Aaron!
Great question @teresa10823 !

I think that several things can be at play here - we are complex creatures after all! There is no doubt that the chemicals in Passiflora do have an action on the body that can reduce stress or anxiety and improve sleep, that has been widely researched and backed up by hundreds, sometimes more, years of experience. So there is certainly something going on at a chemical level.

And we are also creatures of habit. We know that improving ‘sleep hygiene’ can improve sleep. That means, going through a series of steps each evening to signal to the brain that it is sleep time. Some are ritualistic in nature- like taking the spray, or making a herbal tea, but with the added effect of the chemicals you’re taking into the body. Others, like switching from blue light to yellow light, signal to the brain that it is time to drop cortisol and start the release of melatonin (the sleep hormone). Rituals can also bring comfort and familiarity which also reduces cortisol, allowing melatonin to rise.

So the answer is - I think it is likely both things are at play, but the stronger of the two is certainly the herbal medicine.

Hope that helps! :blush::herb:


Beautiful answer xxx :herb::herb:


Ah thank you @jacquelinecannon1 :pray::herb:


Thank you. It is interesting…i have switched to my last pod…no. 2 and my sleep pattern is back to its normal tricks, much more broken and little or no REM.
The difference between the pods is just flavour isnt it?


Hi @teresa10823 - that’s correct. The strength and all ingredients (aside from the extracts used for each flavour) are the exact same across all formulations :blush: