Pebble and journal

How many journals, before I receive my pebbles


I think 10 journals will do it

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Hi @Wendy, @Bahuga is spot on!

Once your baseline (as we call it) of 10 days of journaling is complete, you’ll be prompted to provide us with your address for shipment of your sofi surprise.

For all steps, please refer to the next milestone highlighted on your Pioneer Journey map which you can find by tapping the compass icon :slight_smile:

Here anytime to help! x


Help tried to journal today, but unable to get to the. Bubbles and it freezes.

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Thanks for your post @Wendy. Would you be able to provide a screen recording of exactly what you see before / during the freeze. Feel free to send it over by DM or via the sofi moon chat.

Is the app usable after it freezes or does it cause you to be shut out? Look forward to hearing back so we can get this resolved.

Kind regards,

Hi Alex
Problem solved, I am staying at a country hotel, which is out in the sticks.
It solved itself last night when I went outside the hotel.
Obviously nothing wrong with the app, just the remoteness of the hotel .
Many thanks